Weekly Meetings - Craft Group

Weekly Groups - Craft Group

Let me introduce you to  Gail and Chris. They do a lot of work in the church and I believe that some time ago they started the craft group.  If you are not good at a particular craft there is someone there to help you. If you are not good at any crafts either we can teach you or let you justhave an enjoyable night out. Its supposed to be a secret, so tell no one, our minister has had a go at cross stitch. Apparently it was very amusing! The group is made up of some people who are not church members some are neighbours or relatives and have been learning a lot of skills.

Recently a lady from the town centre came and talked about pottery, each person was given some pottery of their own choice to decorate. Plates, beakers and my wife chose the Three Wise  Monkeys.

When my daughter was a toddler she loved people to draw for her but when Dorothy tried to draw a horse or pig or cow, Kay would say "No! let daddy do it". So you can see why I am quite proud of this ornament. Its not just about doing a craft there is a lot of what I call gossip going on and laughter.

The image below is of a mug which our neighbour Margaret made for her husband, but she is very clever with handicrafts.

There is tea coffee and biscuits provided. There is a 50p charge which covers the cost of the refreshments.

         Everyone is very welcome, its on fortnightly on a Wednesday at 7 until 9 p.m. (Not on School Holidays).