How to Find Us

How To Find Us

It is quite easy to find us but it depends from which direction you are coming.

1. From the Durham direction you will be coming down the A690 going past Houghton le Spring and over the A19. # As you come towards a public house called "The Board Inn" turn right. Follow the winding road, cross a roundabout keeping to the left of the next roundabout and down the bank. At the bottom of the bank turn left. Drive along the country lane and take the next left turn, @ you will have seen the sign marked Baptist Church. There are seven towers on the estate. They will be on your right, keep left at the bottom of the bank and keep going you will come to the church.

2. Coming from the south or the north on the A19 turn onto the A690 marked Sunderland. Follow the instructions from above marked  #.

3. From within the Sunderland City get onto the A690 going towards the  A19. turn off the A690 at McDonalds, Fire Station. Go down the road pass the lake  on your left keep going ahead until you see ahead "The Cavalier Pub". Before you get to it turn right and follow the road. Follow the instructions  on section one from @.

4. Failing that look at the map supplied. here you will find an area marked in red that is not Gilley Law it is however  Lakeside Village. Enlarge the RED area and  you will see the church  at the end of Amsterdam Road.