Church History

The History of Lakeside Baptist Church

Lakeside Estate was first given the name Gilley Law, it used to be a field used for practising horse jumping. It was built in the late 1960's and not only did they build seven multistory  tower blocks but  the council also constructed   quite a  few three story blocks for large families, they had three and four bedrooms. Over time these were emptied and pulled down (See the photograph). They were  replaced by  private housing and the area was renamed "Lakeside Village".  There are seven tower blocks, the seven can only be seen from certain viewpoints in the area, many people will argue that there are only six towers. The two lakes from which the name is derived where formed with the demise of Silksworth Colliery. It was to the lefthand side of the picture that the Baptist Church was built

A couple had started a Bible study in the basement of one of the towers. Rev Don Bridge got to know of its existance and the people started collecting money in Smartie Tubes for a building of their own. The first service to be held in the church was in 1971 (It still had no roof at that time). The debt was paid off within eighteen months. The first service independent of Enon Baptist Church was held and the first new minister came in April1981, he was Rev Bill Smith.