About Us

About Us

We are Christians who worship God in a fellowship that is run under Baptist Principles.  

Baptists believe scripture teaches that a person should be baptised after they have made a personal decision to follow Jesus and so to be a member of our church a person must have followed that process. However, all people are very welcome to worship with us.

The Leadership Team is responsible for the running of the church as well as seeking Gods guidance for the way forward. However there are quarterly held church business meetings where members are kept informed of general matters and all major decisions are discussed and if a vote is taken each member's vote carries equal weight. The result of any vote taken will be the deciding factor in what the church does or does not do.

What We Believe - a Summary

  1. We believe in the Trinity - The three persons of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three in one.
  2. Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity. Born of a virgin. God yet fully human. Died on the cross as  punishment for our sins. Buried then on the third day rose bodily and ascended to God the Father in Heaven. Promised He will return again, bodily.
  3. Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. He indwells believers and freely       gives us gifts to serve God.
  4. The Bible, is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is the final authority on all matters of belief and behaviour.
  5. Heaven and Hell. The Bible teaches there is a heaven and a hell. However the believer has eternal peace but the unbeliever has eternal punishment.

    6. Salvation come through faith in Jesus and His sacrifice.

  1. The Church. All believers form the universal church of which Jesus Christ is head. The Church is autonomous and does not exist for itself but is there to share the Gospel (Good News) with others.
  2. The priesthood of all believers, every believer has access to God the Father, through Jesus Christ. All believers are equipped by God to minister in His Church.
  3. Communion is observed in this Church once a month. It is open to all who have accepted Jesus Christ  as Lord and Saviour.
  4. Baptism (see above) a person must profess their belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, They have a period of instruction and are baptised after the approval of the Church Meeting. (Baptism may be overlooked on Medical Grounds). Membership can then be applied for.
  5. Exceptions to Church Membership - People below a certain age. Those from another denomination. Students who are on temporary residence.
  6. We do not baptise infants but we do have a service of Thanksgiving for them.
  7. Leadership of the church, by Pastor, Elders and Deacons who are held responsible by the Church Meeting.

  (A longer and more precise version is to be found in the "Lakeside Baptist Church Constitution).